About April-Renee


No I was not born in the month of April, if that’s what you were thinking. Hi everyone my name is April-Renee Haydee Reinhardt. I was born and raised in Laredo, Texas.  My mother comes from right across the border from a city named Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and my father comes Honduras, which is in Central America. That makes me a hispanic, bilingual U.S citizen….and proud! 🙂 I graduated #8 in my high school class of 601 students and proudly attend The University of Texas at Austin. I am a senior public relations student and am expecting a beautiful baby girl soon with my boyfriend Juan 🙂 I love scrapbooking and doing DIY projects. I enjoy party planning and being on facebook. Hello Kitty is my favorite Sanrio character and have many collectable items of her.  I hope to one day work in the tourism industry for the Austin or San Antonio area. I have interned with the City of Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau for the past four summer vacation breaks and loved it. God willing I will one day be the director of a CVB wherever I end up settling.

God Bless you,

April Reinhardt 🙂


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