La beba necesita su tetera…

bottleSo my latest blog posts have been about my pregnancy and post-pregnancy. It’s already been one month since Baby Amber was born and let me tell you, it has been one crazy roller-coaster. Waking up every 2-3 hours to change her diaper and feed her it is very tiring but so worth it. My mom came from my home town Laredo, Texas to help me get started off with learning how to sterilize bottles, how to shower the baby, how to rock her to sleep and so much more. Today she left so now I am definately on my own. I am pretty confidant I can do this on my own 🙂 The point of this blog is to show people that there is so much more to caring for a baby than just feeding them and rocking them to sleep. I have learned so much so I would like to share.

sterlingbabybottlezYou can’t just wash a bottle and give it to your baby. You have to sterilize it. What my mom taught me to do was to take apart each bottle. You take off the tops and the nipples and wash them with the baby brush and soap. You can not use the scrub you use for your regular dishes this must be one for the babies bottles afterall we are trying to sterilize them. So then you wash each piece separately and let them air dry on a bottle rack. At the same time you want to boil a pot of water and let stand for about 5 minutes. With a pair of tongs you are then going to dip each separate piece  and let the piece soak in the hot water for about 20 seconds and place it back on the rack. After you have done this to every single piece they must all be completely dry and then you can store them in a container with a lid. It is very tedeous but it is for the good of your baby 🙂

Above is a video on how to properly clean your baby bottles! Enjoy 🙂

warmupDO NOT MICROWAVE!!!! you must never microwave milk whether it’s formula or breastmilk. The microwave will kill any nutrients in the milk. The proper way to warm up a bottle if  you don’t have a bottle warmer is to boil water in a pot. You will need a mug made of porcelain and you will put the hot water in the mug. Then you will place the bottle in the mug and let it get warm. To check if the milk is warm you must uncap the bottle and stick your pinky inside to touch the milk. Of course you must have washed your hands beforehand. When you take your pinky out there should not be a difference between the milk and the temperature of the air.

fussyThere are 3 main reasons why baby is fussy. First, baby is hungry. When your baby is hungry  they are fussy and begin to cry. It is important to distinguish their cries for each reason. It sounds crazy but it’s true they have distinct cries for each reason. Second, babies diaper needs to be changed. A wet diaper is never fun for a baby. I always change Amber’s diaper before feeding her. Sometimes when she’s sleeping she gets fussy and I change her diaper. Third, baby wants to go to sleep but needs help. You would think they can fall asleep whenever and wherever they wanted but the truth is they need help. So you have to rock them to sleep and singing a lullaby really helps. My mom told me that you can’t just rock them to sleep from your rocking chair, you have to walk around and make sure they feel the movement because it puts them to sleep. Also a good trick to put babies to sleep is to take them for a ride in the car while they are in their car seat. The movement of their carseat because of the road will rock them to sleep. It works really well.

These are essential when you have a newborn baby. Don’t think you can overlook the hygiene of the baby bottles. It is important to have clean bottles in order to have a happy baby. If you know of anyone who does not properly clean the bottles, please let them know the importance of clean bottles!


Que llueva, que llueva, la virgen en la cueva!

Que llueva que llueva la virgen de la cueva los pajaritos cantan, las nubes se levantan, que si, que no, que caiga un chaparrón!

These days have been rainy and dark. The streaks of lightning have been very frightning. I have been up early each day since baby Amber was born and have witnessed the trembling of the house due to the thunder. Baby Amber doesn’t seem bothered by any of the noise as she is fast asleep in mommy’s arms or in her comfy crib. The reason why she sleeps so well is because mommy sings lullabies to her. From “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to “Duermase mi niña,” my baby loves it when I sing to her. Growing up as a child I remember my parents would sing to me in spanish. Hopefully my baby catches on to the english and spanish language so she can grow up to be bilingual.

There are many things I didn’t know about life after delivery. Before I educated myself on breastfeeding I didn’t know a woman’s milk did not come in until 3 days after giving birth. The first 3 days your baby sucks on the nipple and gets what is called colustrum. Colostrum is the first secretion from the mammary glands that is rich in antibodies. Pediatritians highly recommend for mothers to breast feed for as long as they can until they have to go back to work or school. Some women choose not to breast feed and feed their baby formula instead. Formula is a manufactured milk powder designed to feed children under 12 months. Baby Amber is 3 weeks now and is breastfeeding but occasionally I will give her a bottle of formula to fill her up if she is not full. The doctor said it was fine,so it’s ok.

This government program is a wonderful one to be a part of for expecting mothers with low income households. Because I am a student and do not have a job I went to the local WIC office by my house and asked for information. When I first went the people there were very friendly and helped me out a lot. I started the program back in October of 2012 and qualified for some nutritional help. The WIC program gave me milk, cheese, eggs, cereal, bread and juice every month up until I delivered baby Amber. This was a tremendous help for me. Once I delivered I began breastfeeding because my mother and family members recommended it. When I went for my monthly appointment at the WIC office they measured and weighed baby Amber and put me in a room where they talked about the nutritional benefits for mommy and baby through breastfeeding. The highlight of my afternoon was when they offered me a FREE electric pump. I almost gave up on breastfeeding as it was hurting me and I didn’t think I was doing it right, but at the office they showed me how to properly latch on the baby and it worked very well. Now baby Amber and I are having a more successful feeding time. 🙂

The best advice I can give to any future mom is to sleep while your baby sleeps. You might want to do other things while you baby is asleep but it will catch up to you eventually. I learned the hard way. It was hard to stay awake while feeding the baby because I had not gotten my rest while she was asleep. It’s tiresome but I am thankful my mother came up to Austin to help me. So she has been cooking and cleaning for me. But not that many women have the help I have so I would recommend they catch their sleep when baby is asleep.

Here is a link to a video on advice for mommies to be.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pL_txEL17k


Until next time,

April Reinhardt 🙂 ❤