UNICEF Ambassador Shakira hosts virtual baby shower for less fortunate children

Incase you have never heard of Shakira ,the singer, she is a wonderful singer and song-writer from Colombia. The 35 year-old recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Enjoy the video, it’s fun watching Shakira dance while pregnant! 🙂

The most amazing thing about the world’s most famous latin artist’s pregnancy is that she hosted a virtual baby shower not for her own child but for less privileged children. Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Piqué invited family, friends and the public to purchase gifts for less fortunate children through a UNICEF sponsored site. Gifts could be purchased for as little as $5. Gifts listed were sleeping nets to help prevent malaria, polio vaccines for $10 that can cover 17 children or a baby scale for $37. Guests were welcomed to their living room via the internet and used social media to get the word out there. Of course Shakira’s son does not need anything for himself, so this was a very kind gesture on behalf of his mom to help other babies who are not fortunate enough to have everything they need in life.  I hope God blesses her with much more success and health to continue doing what she is doing.

Shakira was not embarrassed to get on stage and show off her baby bump like other artists are afraid to do so. She embraced every day and even performed on stage with her baby bump in full effect. She performed at Baku’s Crystal Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan at the closing ceremony for the FIFA U-17 Woman’s World Cup and  posted the photo below in a tweet along with: ” I felt awesome on stage! We really enjoyed tonight.”


In some ways I can relate with Shakira. First of all I’m expecting a child of my own 🙂 I am 5′ 0″, which is short like Shakira and I won’t mention my weight, I don’t want to scare anyone. Just kidding I am pregnant and have gained a lot of baby weight. I’m not rich and famous for musical talent, but we are both very short hispanic ladies. I am due on March 24, so I am cutting it close. I have decided to name my baby girl Amber-Marie Gonzalez Reinhardt. If you all have any suggestion let me know, I kind of need help on this 😛

Shakira recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was born on January 22, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain at 9:36 p.m.  His name is Milan Piqué Mebarak. The name Milan is pronounced MEE-Lahn. It means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic.  She announced the birth of her son on her official page in english, spanish and Catalán.


As the baby was preparing to come Shakira sent out a tweet to all her followers asking to keep her and her baby in their prayers. Her delivery was planned out to the smallest detail as the team of doctors who assisted her OB/GYN had to sign a confidentiality waver in order to prevent leakage of any photos or information to the public about her delivery. A source close to the couple told the HuffPost that although Shakira wanted to delivery naturally, the size of the baby was too big and they had to have a plastic surgeon on board to do a c-section.

To the left is a photo of Gerard Piqué and Shakira in their car leaving the hospital with their newborn son. I bet it must have been overwhelming having paparazzi following them around as they were trying to get home with your newborn, but in this photo it seems that Shakira is not too bothered with their presence.

shakira coupleThere are many pictures of Shakira and her boyfriend circulating in the english and spanish news.  Shakira looks like she maintained a healthy diet throughout her pregnancy. Aside from that she was still singing and dancing which is healthy during pregnancy.  I think Shakira and Gerard Piqué make a great couple. They met while on set of Shakira’s “Waka Waka” video. Shakira confirmed that they were dating through a tweet back in 2011. Many bloggers have claimed that this semi-nude photo to the right is following in the footsteps of Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Jessica Simpson, except Shakira didn’t pose nude for a magazine cover.  I personally think this photo is a cute one and they both pull it off very well as they are both good-looking and don’t make it look tacky.


Nonetheless, I’m happy for Shakira and her boyfriend! 🙂 I will be in her shoes in a couple of weeks and I hope everything goes well.  I won’t have the fame and fortune that Shakira has, but I’m sure I will make a great mommy too! 🙂 Baby Amber will be famous on my Facebook, twitter and WordPress account 🙂 My dad is a photographer and he took a maternity photo shoot of my boyfriend and myself. It was so cute. I loved the pictures, I think they are appropriate, well at least because I wouldn’t dare pose semi-nude like Shakira.  In this photo to the left, Juan, who is my boyfriend and I didn’t know what to do, but this pose came natural to us and it came out great. There are plenty more photos where this one came from. 🙂 I will make sure to post up pictures of Baby Amber when she is born. For the mean time I ask that you all keep me in your prayers. 🙂

Love, April-Renee ❤


Can I touch your eyelashes?!…..Que no te hagan ojo!

Hey Everyone,

The other day as I was scrolling down my facebook newsfeed one of my friends posts’ caught my complete attention.

I met Jordan my freshman year at The University of Texas at Austin.  She is a white female from Houston, Texas and is a student at the McCombs School of Business. She is a very friendly person and I still keep in touch with her from time to time.

Let’s get to the point here. Over the winter break she posted about her experience at the Lancome counter inside Macy’s in Houston.  She was getting her facial done when the make-up artist commented on her eyelashes. The lady said, “Your eyelashes are so beautiful, can I touch them?” Jordan said she was shocked and confused by the fact that the lady wanted to touch them.

It is very interesting to see how people are amazed by many beliefs

So I immediately commented a question on her post. I wrote, “was the lady hispanic?” and Jordan replied, “yes.” I knew exactly the lady meant by her compliment and urge to touch them.  A hispanic belief called, “ojo” is one that when you compliment someone on something of their own you should touch it in order to avoid “giving them the evil eye.”

I grew up listening to all the females in my family say this. My tias and abuelitas always talked about this and how they all believed in it. Accrodingly, I grew up believing this and I always follow through with touching whatever I compliment. I explained to Jordan that this was a belief many hispanics had and she was shocked and amazed at this new piece of information.

I love to see people learn about my culture because it’s fun to teach them something new. Growing up in Laredo I never saw any diversity because it is literally 95% Hispanic. It is very shocking because once I left Laredo to go to school in Austin, I was a victim of culture shock. It was amazing to see so many different ethnicities on campus. Thankfully I am now  an open-minded person and do not hestitate to make friends with anyone I meet.

I hope this blog entry was of some entertainment. I havn’t blogged in a while but I’m going to get back into it and hopefully create an interesting blog for both myself and my audience.


April Reinhardt