We have throw away the TETA! (bottle)

I recently threw away Baby Amber’s bottle. I was supposed to do it A LONG TIME AGO, but slacked off and kept on giving it to her for sake of comfort. I did it before it got too late and would not be able to remove it from her hands, so the first night was rough but we got through it just fine 🙂

2014-09-10 14.27.55


A couple of pictures of Baby Amber :)

Just wanted to post a couple of pictures of my little baby Amber! 🙂 We haven’t posted in a while so this is how big she is now! 🙂 She has curly curly hair and loves to bake with grandma and I 🙂

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We work out !

It is now October but in the summer Amber and I would work out every single day! Now that I don’t work out as much Amber LOVES to remind me by doing SQUATS. This baby does squats all day everyday. She’ll start with one and I start counting for her and she will go up to 10. She’s good!

We work out!

We work out!


Story time at the library :)

Amber and I went to our first story time today. There were a lot of kids and the stories were read in both English and Spanish. We sang and danced to many popular nursery rhymes and did some arts and crafts at the very end. It was such a great experience and we will definitely go again 🙂 …Amber decided to do her own thing towards the end but it’s okay she’s only OYO!!


Amber Rose with her arts and craft mouse.

Story time was sponsored by the letter “R” hence the rat 🙂


It’s fun turning one!!!

Amber Rose turned one on March 13,2014. We had a wonderful time and spent it amongst all family at Peter piper pizza in Laredo 🙂 Amber received many gifts and the majority were extremely cute outfits for summer!!


Breastmilk: Every ounce counts!

It has almost been 5 months since my Baby Amber was born. I still remember the day like it was yesterday :’) During my pregnancy my boyfriend would always tell me, yes tell me, not ask me if I was going to breastfeed. Of course he didn’t mean it in a mean way he just wanted to make sure I was thinking about breastfeeding. I never really said I was but I just knew I was going to do so.

At my baby shower there was an activity for the guests to do and they wrote down any advice they could give to the mother-to-be and many of the sheets said, “Breastfeed as much as you can, it will be beneficial for you and your baby.” <–along those lines. I never said I was not going to nurse Amber I think I just knew I was going to do so.

When Amber was born I immediately latched her on to the nipple and enjoyed the 60 minutes I had with her before they took her to the nursery. One I was transfered to the post-partum room I was able to rest for a while and was ready to see my baby again. When they brought Amber to the room I fell in love all over again. She was the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen!!!

When it was time to feed I gave latched her on but that’s when it all started. It was a difficult process as she was having trouble latching on. I was getting sore nipples and was almost giving up on breastfeeding. I kept trying though. Even when I got home from the hospital I was having trouble but I NEVER gave up! It was very difficult as my nipples felt sore most of the time, I felt uncomfortable, I had engorgement and so on. I even told my mom, “Maybe I should just give her formula?” She never told me “NO” but she just kept telling me it was normal and it would get better and it did!

After 2 weeks I was able to nurse comfortably! It was awesome. Now that I have gone back to school and just began working I have my mom(Amber’s Babysitter) give her formula while I’m gone. I have been pumping and storing my milk so that when I go back to school full-time Amber will still be getting her breastmilk.

My 22nd birthday is around the corner and I said I would stop breastfeeding in August once I go back full-time but I have come to the realization that drinking an alcoholic beverage can wait. My baby is more important so if I am still able to nurse Amber I will 🙂 I will try for as long as I can!

I have been encouraging a lot of mothers and soon-to-be mothers to nure their babies. It’s very beneficial for them and it’s cheaper!!! It’s amazing how being able to produce milk for your offspring is a God given gift!

I want to be an advocate for breastfeeding because it’s something special to me. The day I stop breastfeeding I am going to be very sad 😦 I hope mothers look out for their babies health and breastfeed for as long as they can 🙂

Keep breastfeeding y’all!

-April-Renee 🙂 ❤